In Ground Swimming Pools & Custom Pool Design of Minnesota

Nassau Pools is Home to Some of the Best In Ground Swimming Pool Installations and Custom Pool Designs Minneapolis, Minnesota has Ever Known!

We use only the finest products and construction methods available offering a wide variety of in ground vinyl-lined pools. We also only hire the best in ground pool contractors Minneapolis, Minnesota has ever seen! We are a family owned and operated company with family values. Unlike some of our competitors we won’t leave you high and dry after the sale. You will get a tutorial on how to correctly operate and maintain your new pool, to ensure years of carefree enjoyment.

Nassau Pools and our team of some of the best in ground pool contractors Minneapolis, Minnesota has ever known, will help make your dream of a backyard pool come true. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure the pool building process is smooth and efficient and before you know it you will be enjoying the backyard paradise you dreamed of.

Custom Pool Design

3D Design Services

Why is proper pre-construction planning for custom pool design so important?

A reason why we have some of the best in ground swimming pool installation and contractors Minneapolis, Minnesota has ever known, is because they take the time to plan out custom pool design projects with the help of 3D designs. We believe that the best plans available these days are those that are designed and rendered in 3D. Having a 3D design gives you the ability to “walk through” your entire custom pool design project as if it was already completed. If there is anything that you would like to change, design revisions can easily be made at this crucial time easily and without regret or additional costs. Nassau Pools offers a 3D design for every new in ground swimming pool installation and custom pool design project free of charge.

Another important aspect of having these drawings is that when you go to start the contractor selection process everybody will be on the same page, apples to apples. There is no room for error or interpretation. If there is a large discrepancy in the bids you receive it’s time to ask why.

Then once construction has started the construction crews actually doing the work will have the 3D design to use and reference, eliminating interpretation issues and mistakes. We have seen time and time again how the 3D designs equate to a smooth construction process and a happy customer. Gone are the days that a project would get interrupted and delayed because a decision that should have been made prior to beginning of the work, was still pending. With our 26 years plus experience, we have seen custom pool design projects that should’ve taken 3 to 4 weeks turn into 6-8 week projects or longer because this pre-planning phase wasn’t implemented as it should have been.

We hope that this information has helped some of you that are planning a custom designed pool and spa for your backyard. Again Nassau Pools offers this custom pool design service at no charge for all of our new construction pool customers to ensure a smooth construction process and a completely satisfied customer.